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Audio Production

With nearly 25 years in audio production for broadcast and commercial production, 100 MPH Media can meet your audio production needs. From Digital recording and editing of voice-overs to industrial, educational and narration projects, band projects, live Mixing and recording, 100 MPH Media is a sound choice for your production requirements.

Mixer & Microphone

Our Managing Directors years of experience in commercial voice-over production, plus radio & TV broadcasting will assure your production concerns are looked after with complete regard to creating and projecting a professional image.

Our music producers and engineers deliver high quality professional digital recordings of bands, musical groups and recording artists in a extensive variety of musical styles.  With the use non-linear digital software tools including; Adobe Audition Pro, Sound Booth, and Sound Forge along with a multitude digital interfaces allows us to produce recordings with virtually unlimited tracking.

Regardless of your desired output format, you can always count on exceeding your expectation and accomplishing your goal of producing a clean and professional recording.


Includes a partial list of spots and samples of our work.

Creative Sound Design

Samples of a variety of styles.

Large Custom Sound Effects Library

Over 10,000 effects available in our Library. Check out the royaly free samples. Feel free to download those you want for your personal use.

wav file

Adobe Audition Non-Linear wav Editor



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