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Sony VX 2100Video & DVD Production

100 MPH Media offers post production services, editing and digital capture of your project. 100 MPH media brings a dynamic to each project.

We focus on two important factors that affect any projects bottom line ... Costs and scheduling.

Our ambition is to produce and create your concept in a cost effective manner as you expected.

Click here for samples of our different video production categories

Colored Flowers with Balck And White Hands, Composite Image

You Live the Moments, We capture the MemoriesWeddings & Event Video Samples

100 MPH Media is proud to offer a comprehensive video production facility. In addition, 100 MPH Media will produce videotapes for weddings, athletic events, school function, birthdays, anniversaries, quincinera's, safety and training, and special events.

See Our Wedding Video Flyer

Alexandria and Tony Wedding Sample

Educational - Training - Corporate-Promo

If you find yourself spending alot of time repeating the same instructions over and over, why not consider producing a training video. Your time is valuable. Talk to us about using video in your business to make a more efficient work environment. Perhaps, incorporate the use of a video presentation into your company's orientation procedure.

Video/Photo Montages

A perfect solution for showing off all those images without a boring slide show. We can set your images to music and animate them so each one of your photos comes to life. These leave a great impression and are perfect for weddings, birthday parties, and anniversaries. Gather your friends and family around the big screen and take a trip down memory lane.

DVD Authoring

100 MPH Media has the technology & experience to create and author DVD's complete with chapter indexing and titleing. The ability to skip ahead to your favoriter part of a DVD has never been easier, and we can make that happen, even for your home movie productions.DVD Duplication Services

DVD Duplication

Our high speed DVD and CD duplication system makes it possible to create several copies of your production quickly and affordably. Our printing process creates professional looking disks, without stickers, for a clean, customized finished product you will be proud to distribute.

Here is a list of video samples we have on-line. Choose from a variety of video production projects we have created.

We offer video production for Commercial Production, Corporate Video Presentations, Birthdays, Memorials, Sporting Events, Promotional., Informational/Educational, Music- Band Performance, Documentary and Talent demos.

To View our samples click here, then choose from the list.

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