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Video Samples

Here is a list of samples from a variety of video production projects we have created.
These are for DEMO Purposes ONLY!

Click the link to view. Some files may take a moment to open. Thank you for your patience.

Training Videos
Podcast Tutorial
Prezi Tutorial
Webinar Tutorial

Commercial Production
:30 Second TV Spot - Auction #1
:30 Second TV Spot - Auction #2
:30 Second TV Spot - Promo "Guitarmageddon"

:30 second TV Spot - Promo - "Daytripper"
:30 Second TV Spot - Black Tie Limosine
:15 Second TV Spot - Pocatello Web.com "Holiday Greeting"

Bear River Dam Proposal (Abridged Sample)
Legal Presenatation

Wedding Video Samples
Bryan & Kelly
Megan & John
Alexandra & Anthony

Photo Montages (Weddings, Birthdays, Memorials)
Wedding - Time & A Word
Wedding - Chariots of Fire
Birthday – Gina’s 40th – "Human Wheels"
Birthday - Kelly's 40th Birthday - "Snow"
Engagement - Steve & Michelle
Engagement - Ashley & Brock
Marilyn Monroe

Rose's 100 Birthday

Al Sherry

Sporting Events
High School Baseball
Ski Canada
Softball - Jordahn Denny- Heart of a Champion
Football Hightlights - Tyler Underwood

Promotional Video
ISU College of Pharmacy 90th All Class Reunion Promo
ASTD Spring Conference Promotion
ASTD - Times are a Changin Conference opener

Business Events
Homeland Real estate - Ribbon Cutting ceremony

High Resolution Blood Morphology
Medical Interaction - Ozone Therapy

Band/Musical Performances
Easy Street Big Band

I.S.U. College of Pharmacy 90th Anniversary
Building a home

B-Roll - Weather
November 23rd Blizzard

Pig Wrestling at the Fair

Back to School
Idea Paint Contest


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